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If you've recently discovered that your husband crossdresses, you might be feeling a mix of emotions. It's important to know that having a crossdressing husband is more common than you might think. For many, it’s just a fetish – a man enjoying dressing in women's clothing. A lot of us express other sides of ourselves through kink and fetish? Let’s explore how to embrace new aspects of your relationship with understanding, openness, and even curiosity.

Welcome to the vibrant world of sissy outfits and fashion, a dynamic and expressive part of the crossdressing community. This guide is perfect for those new to the scene, providing a friendly introduction to the diverse styles and where to find them. Whether you're exploring your identity or simply curious about the fashion, you'll find essential information on how to get started with sissy clothing, especially focusing on outfits for sissies.

Are you curious about crossdressing? Perhaps you're considering trying it out for the first time, or maybe you're just looking to understand more about this fascinating world. Whatever your interest, this guide is designed to demystify what it means to engage in crossdressing and provide a friendly starting point for beginners. Welcome to a journey of self-exploration and expression!

If you're new to the idea of crossdresser dating, you might be curious about what it involves and how you can be part of it. Here at Transgender Friends, we're excited to guide you through the basics of dating in the crossdresser community and show you how enriching and fun it can be to meet crossdressers who share your interests and lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered what crossdressing fun is all about? Maybe you’ve heard the term but aren’t quite sure what it entails. Crossdressing is when someone wears clothing not typically associated with their assigned gender. But it’s so much more than just the clothes. It's about expression, exploration, and embracing a part of yourself that society often keeps hidden. This article will dive into the vibrant world of crossdressing, shedding light on the personal acceptance, unique fetishes, and the joy of connecting with others who share this form of expression.

Wanna feel your full femme fantasy? Get your look down to a ‘T’? Well, we’re here to help with our crossdressing guide! Follow our ultimate style guide and all those sexy admirers will be drooling over you.

In the world around us, there are many ways people show who they are. One way some people do this is by crossdressing. Crossdressing means wearing clothes that are usually worn by the opposite gender. People of all ages do this, including mature crossdressers. If you're new to this idea, you might have lots of questions. There's a place called "Transgender Friends" where you can meet mature crossdressers and learn more about them.

Crossdressing encompasses a broad spectrum of experiences, from those who find in it a deep sense of identity and lifestyle to others who explore crossdressing as a fetish or part of their sexual exploration. It’s a journey of self-discovery, expression, and for some, sexual fulfillment. Through the lens of personal anecdotes shared on a crossdresser dating site, we’re showing the wide variety of experiences within the crossdressing community, offering insight to those curious about the many facets of crossdressing, including crossdresser lifestyle and sexual exploration. These crossdressing stories from a crossdresser dating site offer a glimpse into the lives and hearts of those who embrace it – as a fetish, or a lifestyle.

Whether it’s a new hook-up or a longer-term fling, we’re here to help you embrace that her body-ody-ody in all its sexy beauty. Watch and learn…

So, you’re getting all dressed up - a matching lusty lingerie set, a short flirty dress, a pair of slinky stockings, hair and make-up done to the Gods. The only thing missing in your head-to-toe femme fantasy is the perfect shoe!

Let's take a deep breath, relax those walls, slide in the butt plug, and discover all the naughty possibilities of saucy sissification!

There’s something so salacious about a fiery red nail. Or how about a soft, demure pink? A flirty French tip? Gorgeously manicured nails make us feel HOT! Right, ladies?! Today we’re sharing our tantalizing tips for nailing that sexy at-home manicure.

Looking to get more adventurous with your playtime? Wanna dress up as a French maid, put on a mini skirt, tickle your playmate with your feather duster, then bend over the counter and give them a generous view? That’s right, today we’re talking about roleplay - that’s getting into character and strutting your sexy stuff before getting down and dirty. Here are some of our favorite scenarios that get us feeling hot and horny.

A striptease is all about confidence and showing off who you are. Are you a powerful French dominatrix, dressed (or undressed) head-to-toe in figure-hugging black leather? Maybe you’re a shy and flirty lady in pink skimpy lace, ready to submit that ass to your master? Unleash your wild character, show off her moves, and take it OFF! Step-by-step, this is how you get your admirers drooling at your feet with your saucy striptease.

We all know that scarves are a staple fashion item for all seasons! ?? But have you ever thought about using yours to heat up your bedroom action? Oooooft!

Is your photo gallery in need of some feminine fine-tuning? Then check out our quick guide to perfecting your provocative profile pics. Get ready to SLAY those first impressions and be on your way to lots of frisky fun!

A popping lip look is a emsaviorem in any situation - it’s easy to use, instant, and provides a magic that adds that final polish to a look.

pWigs never go out of style! They’re low maintenance, commitment-free wardrobe staples that are easy to use, totally realistic, and powerful modes of sexy self-expression.💁‍♀️p

We're saying what no one else will: you don't need a summer body. And here are some reasons why…

Getting lucky at a party can be tricky, but it's not impossible...

Sometimes it takes a little more effort to suss out what the person you are attracted to is thinking. We're not mind readers, so how can we tell if the hottie you have your eyes on is feeling the same about you?

If you and your partner would like to experiment in new sexual adventures, we are here to help you with this guide to moving into swinging or an open relationship.

Getting a tattoo can be a difficult and timely decision. You have to think it over before you dare to step into the tattoo parlour...

pWhat is better? Big and fulfilling or small, but powerful? p

We're always researching new things to share with you, to make things healthier and hotter between the sheets. Sometimes, however, our research into a new topic turns up some pretty weird stuff...

Flying these days is frisky business, with long queues at airport security and lengthy flights with noisy passengers, there's no surprise we look for some kinky 'in-flight entertainment' to relax for the journey ahead.

National Nylon Stocking Day this Wednesday is the perfect time to show off your assets and treat yourself to some silky, lacy, or barely-there lingerie to put a sexy spring into your step.

Endlessly fascinating and always controversial, there are a million and one ways to talk about sex. But we reckon even a seasoned sexpert would still be surprised by...

pWhipping your kit off and jumping into bed with a sexy someone is amazing, but how often do you get naked and just embrace being in the buff? p

pBeing in a long term friend with benefits situation with someone can seem like a dream come true, especially if you are not interested in anything more than a satisfying romp!p

We all love it when a horny hottie makes the first move, who wouldn't find it exciting when a fittie focuses all of their attention on you...

2 weeks ago we gave you the chance to decide the theme for our next blog. The results are in, and you voted for... BDSM roles for beginners!

April Fools you cheeky bunch! Let me tell you, it's not easy turning a day for playing tricks on people into something sexual but as you know we like to please, it also helps to have a dirty mind.

The bedroom is a place for the two S’s: Sleep and sex. It’s your private sanctuary to relax and unwind, but as it is also the main place where you can fuck senselessly, uninterrupted...

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, then the spring equinox will be bringing you saucy salutations on March the 20th. So let’s rejuvenate the year with some sexy ideas on how to celebrate.

While you might have trouble finding a card for it at your local card shop, and you most likely won’t be seeing Steak + BJ Day being turned into a national bank holiday anytime soon, we have 8 tips on how to give your playmates meat a tender treat ;)

Being confident in the sack is knowing your worth, your abilities and what you are bringing with you into the bedroom...

Sex isn't always just for two; if you know how to have a sex party, you are guaranteed to have a titillating, sexually fulfilling, and totally unforgettable experience...

A certain kinky book (*hint* multiple shades of grey), quickly became the bestselling erotic book of all time in Britain, smashing sales records in the U.S., and catapulting the steamy genre into the spotlight.

When it comes to solo-pleasuring, everyone has their go-to strategy to get themselves going. For some people it’s visualizing a particular fantasy, for others it might be the extra stimulation of a toy...

In honour of National Fun at Work Day and...well...because we are awesome, we have put together a handy guide to the best places at work to start really enjoying putting in that overtime.

If a certain position or an action gets you off every time without fail, why would you want to change that? You wouldn’t, but...

People look for hookups (as opposed to more serious relationships) for all kinds of reasons. Maybe it’s because you just got out of a long-term relationship...

We often find ourselves falling into the same ol’ routine of things, from what time we eat meals to how we get down and dirty in the bedroom.

Believe it or not, there are lots of Christmas-themed sex toys out there for those of us on the Naughty List. From candy cane dildos to mistletoe condoms, we found the hottest holiday sex toys to buy this year as a gift

pGet your name so indelibly on Santa’s naughty list with these sexy seasonal skimpies, he’ll only visit to deliver an over the knee spanking.p

Stuck for an idea of what to get your sexy special someone this Christmas? Thinking you want something that is a bit frisky and something you can both get involved using? We’ve got a few suggestions for Santa to put on his list.

This week, the world is going bonkers for a bargain during the Black Friday madness. Personally, I think finding a saucy steal can give the same satisfaction as a good pounding (I can’t be alone thinking that...right?).

There’s rarely a sexual encounter that requires at least some level of caution when it comes to volume. In trying to control it, however, you realise there’s not much about sex that is innately quiet.

Stress has a huge impact on our sex lives. It changes everything from the initial desire to have sex, through to arousal and ultimately the ability to orgasm. For most people, sex negatively impacts all these things. So how can you reduce the impacts of stress on your sex drive?