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Looking for sexy crossdressers for fun

Jm8166 (CD / Trans) from USA, New York

  • A Relationship
  • Admire me
  • Admirer
  • Anal Sex
  • Crossdress
  • Discreet Meets
  • Dress me
  • Friends With Benefits
  • Give a catwalk
  • Group Meets
  • Lace
  • Latex
  • Lingerie
  • Men dressing as women
  • Pantyhose
  • Roleplay
  • Share clothes
  • Take pictures of me
  • Threesomes
  • Undress me
  • Women dressing as men

Love to meet and play with other crossdressers mmmm!!

Seeking CD / Trans, Couple, Female

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Jm8166 Personal Details
Gender Male
Age 57
Sexuality Straight
Location USA, New York, New York
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Hair Other
Body hair Shaved
Travel Will travel
Safe sex Always
Friends wedgeydog, vickiem416, blue387, les769, paula69Plattsburgh, BriakitDanburyJerseyCity, Joandressed, Misty120, kav331, lettyl809, lucybelucci, Ruxandra, doctortsiMillsboro, cbapple360, Satintoon11, Meredith2019, Wetpanties4uSouth, xdmarilyn, gingernova585, Partygurl, Deidre69 

Recent status updates
Jm8166 Jm8166
  2:31 am Thursday, 13th August, 2020

I’m tall think I’m sexy what do you think👄

Smoking hot🔥🔥🔥💋💋

by Grantdun602

You are exceedingly sexy and beautiful!

by doning260NorNewton

Yes you are very sext, Better than that you are sensual and I just wish I were tall. LOL

by bman4urck

You are so voluptuous 

by jozie

You are stunning & definitely super sexy for sure 💋

by chasep7

I would love for you to dress me

by gapar691

Very sexy!!!!

by BobbiMontana

Your sexy enough for me to give myself to you

by dennisherr623

Kindly dm me

by Apata52

Yes I do..!! 🤤😋😍

by Brianna256Griffin

You are very sexy hon

by kav331

Definitely Sexy

by LeggyJane2021

Sexy sexy sexy!!!!!

by phildesertg549

God yes your sexy xx

by Slutkelly

Fantasizing about the places we could take each other...how adventurous are you? 

by 1wolf007

Me too i am talke tall❤️

by sylnata517

Oh yes!! 

by jessicar252

Yes very  sexy hun 

by Ellenafay

Yes your are very sexy

by shannonwat919

You are absolutely beautiful! Super sexy😘

by FlafungurlPalmetto

So Sad 😭

by kinkymistress440

So sexy I would love to pleasure you any way I can

by wdsweetgobe087

O sosexy

by alessak438

So very sexy xx

by AndreaJay55

You are very hot. You also dress very smart.

by BrooklynCD

U shfe are

by met921Thomaston

So sexy 💋💄👠

by Michelle2464

Yes you are sexy

by chucktbpcs69

Sexy let's get together and show you off and I will sex you up here baby

by wdsweetgobe087rook

I want to sex you up

by wdsweetgobe087rook

Definitely Joanna. No doubt about it sweetie.

by Misty120

I think your very sexy

by qualitycontract456

Tall means long legs hmmmm I'm thinking about how those legs would feel around my body

by Sabrina2266

I couldn’t agree more! You are S-E-X-Y !!! 😘

by packer66backer

Bling! 🤑

by wjwrightjrColumbus

Definitely hun

by stom950

A resounYes

by hogsadrum641

Fuc yes you are

by wdsweetgobe087rook

Tall I like 💋,your sexxy ,would love to 💋😋

by Marcie2019Endicott

Your hot. How tall is tall I’m 6-2

by stom950

I thing you are so beautiful I would love to meet

by eager02please5

PM Me 😘

by Ursisy4train

Lick It 👅

by Andrea71Elberton

Very vert sexy!

by Samanthalloz

Nice Boobs! 🕵

by dvmrent299

Smoking hot

by ginagurlxxx

Baby, ypu sre beyond sexy

by Misty120

Definitely one of my top ten 💋 Samantha

by Rockinrickster2219

Yes you are!

by Carlam148

Yes please 👍

by rogl070

Hi 😀

by jessicabepp035

God damn sexy 

by coo163ejbpw

I think that you are more than sexy ..  I love your look !!!

by dsm913

Cute 🤗

by odian793

Sexy as hell.  Mmmm

by Robin694u

Of course tall is sexy!  We get the best view and see the most first!

by lanalap268

Amazing bod

by cha503Northvale

Love it 💕

by rosedavid0147

Your gorgous gurl!I'm in love!you are hot!!!

by Cb101pro

Delicious 👄

by woodman5512

Perfect 👌

by woodman5512

So Sexy 👠

by woodman5512

Wow 😍

by swetatitz

Classy 🍸

by Mistressalicia18

Very Sexy 👙

by MarlinaE

Hot 💕

by swetatitz

Definitely!  Tall is beautiful.  I'm tall, too.

by RaeRae65

Yummy 👅

by onthee995

Media comments
10:45 am Monday, 5th February, 2024

Hi beautiful. Would love to meet you for discreet safe adult pleasures

11:27 am Friday, 26th May, 2023

You have such pretty & captivating eyes, you're absolutely gorgeous 😁😁😁

1:54 am Sunday, 1st January, 2023

What Big Eyes you have, said Goldilocks to the the Big Bad Wolf posing as Grammy!

12:06 pm Saturday, 31st December, 2022

Yummy Red hair 👩‍🦰 and Leather!! My weakness 😍🫦😱😉 And Cute Breast’s

7:44 am Saturday, 15th October, 2022

You look gorgeous babe im so turned on over you iv got incredible hands and a lovely big surprise

7:57 am Friday, 16th September, 2022

You look so hot, I’m a new girl. So much to learn, so excited!!! Hope we can be friends

8:08 pm Monday, 21st March, 2022

So beautiful, your one of the few that should go full time. Your that good.

7:57 pm Wednesday, 16th February, 2022

Hey Beautiful would you like to get together sometime?

12:54 pm Monday, 31st January, 2022

You're mouth & lips look so pretty sensual hot👄👅👙👠😱

10:54 pm Saturday, 16th October, 2021

You are a sexy lady, make up is gorgeous and a great body

4:52 am Monday, 4th October, 2021

I love the color combo with your gorgeous face right in the middle 

7:30 pm Sunday, 3rd October, 2021

You're looking good enough to eat my dear...mind if I have a lick?

12:28 pm Wednesday, 18th August, 2021

guauuu what look , wonderful make up. kisses for you

12:37 pm Friday, 23rd July, 2021

Luv this photo Hun, have a thing for mirror photos, lol.

8:36 pm Wednesday, 6th January, 2021

Smokin hot girl.👅👄

8:35 pm Wednesday, 6th January, 2021

Hi gorgeous!!!😍😘

9:47 am Friday, 27th November, 2020

Mmmm...., love this pic. You sure are a gorgeous lady Joanna.

9:46 am Friday, 27th November, 2020

Hey beautiful. Different look for you but i like it.

3:12 am Friday, 20th November, 2020

Joanna, you are such a gorgeous woman. Want to spend time with you

2:41 pm Tuesday, 18th August, 2020

It is wonderful to be a gurl.....you are beautiful!